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Shalom means peace in the beautiful Hebrew language. For us at the International Shalom Festival, peace means coexistence, freedom of expression and making friends across all cultures.

This summer as part of the world’s biggest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe, there will be a major one-day Israel peace festival bringing together performers from all over Israel: Jews, Arabs, a Bedou, Christians, Druze, a Samaritan and secular people of different heritages.

The International Shalom Festival on Wednesday 17th August will build cultural bridges with Israel in this peaceful way with a free cultural exhibition from 11am – 4pm and a spectacular Gala Concert 7pm – 9pm. Book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

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We will play our part in building cultural bridges with Israel by showing that even with people having different backgrounds and traditions, it is possible to build a hopeful future together. Celebrating differences whilst treasuring a shared hope of peaceful coexistence is our message, our vision, our motivation.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Parliament debated a motion that This House believes in Cultural Bridges not Boycotts. The Shalom Festival is a demonstration of that belief and invites the public to join us in showing that Scotland supports the path to peace and rejects absolutely those who advocate hate and destruction. We are celebrating Israel’s rich diversity and showing that peaceful coexistence is already the chosen reality for many of its people. Please join us in supporting them and help them to strengthen their message.

We would like to invite you to join us at our Gala Concert  featuring some of Israel’s amazing multicultural artistic talent.  In Maureen Lipman’s words, all the performers know why they are here. They stand for Shalom, Peace and they bring their message of peaceful coexistence to Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival.  Will you join us in supporting them?

Starting at 7pm (doors opening at 6pm) acclaimed comedienne Hadar Galron will be your host as she introduces popular ensemble Yamma from Tel Aviv and party-minded ANNA RF from a tiny desert village.

Click on the bands below to see see and hear them perform:


YAMMA ensemble perform original and traditional Hebrew songs which derive from ancient Jewish Biblical poetry or other old Jewish sources.

The music of Yamma has a major Middle Eastern influence combined with a contemporary western flavour.



Hadar Galron

Hadar Galron, Writer, Comedienne, Compere. Hadar has dedicated many of her plays, films and Stand-up shows to fighting for women’s rights within Religious Law. Her play “Mikveh” (play of the year 2005) has been and is being produced in theatres worldwide and won may awards. “I know some religious leaders believe they’re doing God’s PR but I’m sure He didn’t employ them! God is LOVE”.




ANNA RF began in the tiny desert village of Shaharut in southern Israel.
Together they have created a new sound – a mix between the east and the west, blending ancient and modern instruments combined with an electronic touch.
“We enjoy the beauty of everyone and we find inspiration in every culture and every place. Our music is based on this point of view, therefore it is positive and open.”




Coming to Scotland this August! A massive pro-Israel, pro-peace statement at a place that has not been welcoming in the past to Israelis: a great, big,  festival of Israel culture at the Edinburgh Fringe – Brits !! Go Support  and ENJOY! We, at StandWithUs, are so proud to be partners with COFIS and with the Shalom Festival

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Michael Dickson, International Director – StandWithUs Jerusalem. President of COFIS

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