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The Shalom Festival Film Theatre offers a taste of Israel’s landscapes, her society, culture, music, dance, street life, achievements and joie d’vive  presented in short clips of up to 10 minutes. Feel free to come and spend a few minutes or more or join us for one or both of our two  full length feature films




11.45-12.30     The little known story of the flight of Jews from Arab Lands where they had lived for more than  2 and a half millenia with 15 minutes of Q & A to follow



 mekonen photo


 1.40 – 2.25  Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew, featured by JerusalemU


with 15 minutes of Q & A to follow 



Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew,  shows the backstory of Mekonen Abebe, anjerusalemu logo African/Israeli Jew – from a young shepherd of sheep to a commander of men in the Israeli Defense Forces – and then back to Africa to explore
his roots, make peace with his past, and embrace his future in Israel Mekonen,  will give viewers a surprising and unique picture of what it means to be a Jewish soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces, through the eyes and the personal story of a young African Jew who came to Israel and now proudly defends his new home.