StandWithUs & IsrAction Day

December 18 2016



What is it?

IsrAction Day is an International grassroots campaign with three main goals: standing up for Israel; combating BDS; and supporting our local communities.

It’s a really simple idea that we can all do very easily in our own communities   by

1 Buying Israeli Goods

2 Giving them to people in need.

The campaign is live now. It’s a perfect time for tzedakah, giving back to your community and outreach to those more needy in our  own localities

IsraAction Day started in 2014 as the brainchild of Sussex Friends of Israel and NorthWest Friends of Israel and has now been joined by StandWithUs to help to make this a global campaign, co-existing with the longstanding StandWithUs B.I.G (Buy Israeli Goods) campaign.

For more information:

Website – http://israction.org/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/IsrActionDay/

Link to download Promo Video – https://we.tl/rA2IXZLMTw


 To join this campaign as an individual

Just Buy Israeli Goods and donate them to those who are in need.  You can make the donation yourself directly (take photos and videos) or you can take them to drop off points. Drop off points will be listed on this page

Before you donate your items – Take a photo of your shopping or a video of you shopping and send to  isractionday@standwithus.com.

Or make a photo or video with a placard

 I’m supporting IsraAction Day  because….


 Ask 3 friends to participate in the same way or make it more fun and go shopping together.

If you would like to participate as a community

  1. Register your community with the following online form:


  1. Decide on a contact person who will be in charge of implementing this campaign in your region.
  2. The contact person will then receive an email from Ilana Sherrington-Hoffman from the StandWithUs Israel Office with an open format of the campaign flyer + campaign logo.
  3. Adapt the campaign flyer to your branch/ office with the following information:
  • Decide on a date (or dates) when this will take place in your region during the month of December + input into the flyer.

(Note: Most partners will be using December 18th as their official day,  but you can decide what works  best for your community.

  • Decide on local charities or homeless shelters in the community that the products from this campaign will be distributed to + input into the flyer.
  • Decide on a drop-off location where participants in this campaign will bring the Israeli products purchased for this campaign + input into the flyer.

(Note: this location can be at the supermarket itself if allowed, or any other central location. The drop-off point should be branded with the IsrAction Day and StandWithUs logos).

  1. After inserting the relevant details above, turn the campaign flyer into JPG or PDF format which cannot be edited.

[For help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqxq2p6Ykh8]

  1. Send out the flyer to your local communities who would be interested in participating.
  2. Promote on relevant Social Media and Newsletters.
  3. On the day of the campaign in your region: send any photos + videos of participation in the campaign you receive to isractionday@standwithus.com. They will be uploaded onto the campaign Facebook page; our Social Media team will be working to promote this on our platforms as well.

(Note: this email address also appears on the flyer – so participants can send their photos directly to the campaign, to make things easier for everyone).

For any questions about this campaign, please email Ilana Sherrington-Hoffman from the StandWithUs Israel office at ilanas@standwithus.com.