StandWithUs Press Release
April 10, 2017

We are pleased to report that just a few hours ago, Bath Student Union officially announced that the  Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) resolution, does not have the union’s approval.

We congratulate the student leaders at Bath who are resolutely standing up against BDS on their campus.  StandWithUs is a proud partner with UK Lawyers for Israel team in supporting the pro-Israel community at Bath.

We applaud Bath for being one of the few universities to firmly stand against this bigoted motion on campus. Bath is upholding the right to free speech while making it clear that the university disapproves of the content of that speech.  Bath took the opportunity to lead by example, excoriating calls for an academic boycott of Israel. We urge other schools to follow Bath’s example when they face similar predicaments about how to uphold free speech while condemning Boycott attempts.

This BDS motion was brought up silently to surprise the students and pass it quickly. If the motion would have been passed, it would have incited hatred against Israel and foment bitter divisions on campus.

The BDS vote had represented only about 800 students out of 17,000 total students.  343 voted against it while 249 voted for.

The efforts of the student leaders on the ground, by approached various societies and explaining the negativity of the resolution and its intent, made the difference.

Tamir Oren, StandWithUs UK Director of Public Affairs, worked to defeat the resolution, calling it “divisive and one-sided,” demonstrating their real aim of wanting to get rid of the Jewish state.”

“These successes show that when pro-Israel students mobilize, they can educate sensible, fair-minded people and prevail against BDS misinformation and propaganda.  The divestment resolutions also had an unintended consequence. They were a dramatic wake-up call for pro-Israel students whose commitment to Israel was strengthened, who emerged as pro-Israel leaders, and who will be the pro-Israel leaders of tomorrow,” concluded Oren.

BDS activities on campuses across the UK have caused bitter divisiveness.  The hatemongering degrades discourse and creates a hostile, even threatening, environment for students and faculty who feel a connection to the State of Israel. It does not promote further understanding, reasonable and informed debate, or help the campus community consider what might bring peace to the troubled region.
More educational institutions are defeating such BDS motions in the UK and we are very much looking forward to seeing more follow in the future.
Again, we applaud Bath University.