StandWithUs UK Summit

The Israel Summit is a unique week-long intensive programme in Israel, designed for British students before they go to university. It usually takes place in the last week of August.

The rhetoric of anti-Israel groups on campus can be loud and intimidating. This trip aims to empower you to get the facts from experts, see contentious sites for yourself, to ask questions and return home more-rounded in your knowledge about Israel.

This isn’t Tour or a holiday. It’s a chance to take part in a hands-on experience that will arm you with facts and leave you feeling more confident if challenged about Israel.

Whether you have visited Israel before or whatever you think you know about Israel – prepare to open your mind and take part in an access-all-areas summit that will see you meet top names in Israeli politics, diplomacy and security, as well as ordinary people on different sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Israel Summit 2016 will take place from July 31st – August 5th

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